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Keygen Para Netsupport Manager 11

Para NetSupport Manager 11: A Remote Control Solution for Windows, Mac, iOS and Android

Do you need a reliable and secure remote control solution for your multi-platform environment? Do you want to monitor, manage and support your devices from anywhere and at any time? If yes, then you should consider Para NetSupport Manager 11, a powerful and versatile remote control software that supports Windows, Mac, iOS and Android devices.

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Para NetSupport Manager 11 is the latest version of the award-winning remote control software from NetSupport, a leading provider of IT management solutions. Para NetSupport Manager 11 offers a range of features and benefits that make it an ideal choice for IT professionals, educators, and business users who need to access and control their devices remotely.

What are the features of Para NetSupport Manager 11?

Para NetSupport Manager 11 offers comprehensive multi-platform support from Windows, Mac, iOS and Android to any Windows, Android (from a Windows Control only), Mac, Linux and Google Chrome OS devices. For Microsoft-based systems, Para NetSupport Manager 11 supports: Windows 11, 11SE, 10, 8 and 8.1, Windows Server 2022, 2019, 2016, 2012, Windows 7, Windows 2008. Legacy support is provided for Windows XP and 2000 and earlier when using Para NetSupport Manager 12.80.

Some of the key features of Para NetSupport Manager 11 include:

  • Environment: You can browse, locate and connect to all systems across your LAN, WAN or over the internet. You can connect over TCP/IP or HTTP protocols (legacy support provided for IPX and NetBIOS). You can communicate over LAN, WAN, internet, PSTN, ISDN or mobile connections. You can communicate seamlessly between systems that are all located behind different firewalls using the included NetSupport Internet Gateway component. You can also use the fully integrated remote deployment utility to quickly locate machines local to the Control, send a Wake on LAN command to machines that are not turned on, and remotely power on/off, log on/off or reboot a Client PC.

  • Remote control: You can watch, share or control the screen, keyboard and mouse of a workstation irrespective of colour resolution, network protocol or operating system. You can optimize the remote control colour quality when managing systems over very slow connections. You can monitor the screens of all connected systems with real-time thumbnails. You can scan multiple systems, cycle through one or multiple workstations displaying their screens on your Control console. You can show your screen, a selected monitor or just a selected application to any number of connected computers for real-time instruction. You can annotate your screen with a range of drawing tools during a remote control session or show session. You can also capture screenshots during a session for future reference or record screen activity to a video replay file for training or security.

  • Communication: You can have full text and audio chat and messaging between two or multiple systems. You can also have full audio chat during a remote control session. To aid both training and the effectiveness of support, a whiteboard feature is also provided from within a chat session.

  • Support tools: You can gather a full hardware and software inventory from the Client PC to aid in remote support. You can gather details of all hotfixes installed on the Client PC. You can view and control applications, processes and services running on the Client. You can remotely edit the registry of a remote system. You can launch a local command prompt from the remote system on your PC. You can launch a PowerShell window to execute commands at a selected Client. You can also request help users can create help requests that can be directed to all or specific Control systems based on custom criteria.

  • Mobile Control: The Para NetSupport Manager Mobile Control for iOS and Android provides mobile remote control for existing Para NetSupport Manager remote control users remotely from any iPad, iPhone, iPod, Android Tablet and smartphone or Kindle Fire.

  • Android Mobile Client: For use in an existing or new Para NetSupport-managed environment, the Para NetSupport Manager for Android Client app can be installed on each Android device (Android 5 or later). From the Windows Control (12.5 or above), you can then connect to monitor and interact with each device.

  • Chrome OS Client: For use in an existing or new Para NetSupport-managed environment, the Para NetSupport Manager for Chrome Client extension can be installed on each Chromebook running Google Chrome OS. From the Control, you can then connect to each system, enabling you to monitor the screens and interact with each Chromebook quickly and efficiently.

What are the benefits of Para NetSupport Manager 11?

Para NetSupport Manager 11 offers a number of benefits that make it a superior remote control solution for your multi-platform environment. Some of the benefits are:

  • Performance: Para NetSupport Manager 11 offers a fast and responsive remote control experience, with minimal bandwidth usage and high-quality screen updates. You can also customize the performance settings to suit your network conditions and device capabilities.

  • Security: Para NetSupport Manager 11 offers a secure and encrypted connection between the Control and the Client, using industry-standard AES 256-bit encryption. You can also use smart card authentication, AD integration, profiled access rights, and event logging to ensure the highest level of security and compliance.

  • Flexibility: Para NetSupport Manager 11 offers a flexible and scalable remote control solution that can support any number of devices across any network topology. You can also use the dynamic auto-groups feature to automatically group devices based on criteria such as operating system, device type, location, and more.

  • User experience: Para NetSupport Manager 11 offers a fresh user experience with a restyled interface, performance improvements and a range of shortcut features that now make it even easier for you to support the diverse range of systems now in use across the modern enterprise. You can also use the intuitive drag and drop feature to transfer files between devices, or use the clipboard synchronization feature to copy text and images between devices.

  • Value: Para NetSupport Manager 11 offers a cost-effective and value-added remote control solution that can help you reduce IT support costs, increase productivity, enhance customer satisfaction, and improve security. You can also enjoy free updates and technical support as part of your license.

How to get Para NetSupport Manager 11?

If you are interested in trying out Para NetSupport Manager 11 for yourself, you can download a free trial version from [here]. The trial version allows you to use all of the products features and use them to their fullest, for up to 10 PCs for 30 days. You do not need to provide any credit card details or any obligation at the end of the trial.

If you are ready to buy Para NetSupport Manager 11, you can contact us at []( or visit our website at []( for more information. We offer competitive pricing and flexible licensing options to suit your needs.

Para NetSupport Manager 11 is a remote control solution that you can trust. It is designed to help you manage your multi-platform environment with ease and efficiency. Whether you need to support Windows, Mac, iOS or Android devices, Para NetSupport Manager 11 has you covered.

Dont wait any longer. Download your free trial today and see for yourself why Para NetSupport Manager 11 is the best remote control software for your multi-platform environment.


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