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Dylan Hughes
Dylan Hughes

Matlab R2009b Crack Free 22l |LINK|

Overall, we developed a scalable NPC film-assisted transfer method to fabricate crack-free and tear-free, millimeter-scale suspended single-layer CVD graphene films, allowing us to observe and understand the temperature-dependent single-component and mixture gas transport through the intrinsic defects in graphene. Graphene films with a minuscule porosity of 0.025% displayed attractive H2 permeance and H2/CH4 selectivities approaching the performance of 1-µm-thick state-of-the-art polymer membranes. Improvements in the H2 permeance and/or H2/CH4 selectivity were demonstrated by ozone functionalization. Overall, the methods developed here bring deployment of the single-layer nanoporous graphene membranes for gas separation a step closer to reality.

Matlab R2009b Crack Free 22l


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