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Fables 156.cbr =LINK=

The main characters of Fables are public domain figures from folklore, mythology, and literature. Bill Willingham said the only considerations in deciding what characters and fables to use were "is the character or story free for use?" and "do I want to use it?"[7] A principal character is the Big Bad Wolf (who calls himself "Bigby"), who has not only reformed but gained the ability to take on a more human appearance. At the series' beginning he serves as Fabletown's sheriff.

Fables 156.cbr

Most of the characters who appear in Fables are from European stories, the major exceptions being Arabian fables and American fables (from the fable world of "Americana", appearing in Jack of Fables, such as Paul Bunyan, Black Sambo [now known as Sam] and the Lone Ranger). Most of these characters appear primarily in the Jack of Fables spin-off. 041b061a72


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