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FIFA 15 [Region Free][ISO]

About Nature Positive and the RSK GroupRSK ( is a global leader in the delivery of sustainable solutions. Its family of more than 150 environmental, engineering, and technical services businesses and 10,000 employees, work together to provide practical solutions to some of the greatest challenges societies have ever faced. The company operates in most sectors of the economy, including many of those most critical to future global sustainability such as water, energy, food and drink, infrastructure, urban development, mining, and waste. With its integrated offering across research and development, consultancy, and on-the-ground application RSK can deliver a complete solution that is unrivalled in the market. The company is certified to the ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001 international standards for quality, environmental management and health and safety management. One of its businesses is Nature Positive, a specialist sustainability consultancy that helps businesses understand their specific link to nature. Nature Positive provides services including baseline biodiversity assessments; supply chain risk assessments; biodiversity footprinting; and practical mitigation, compensation and offsetting measures. About the report A total of 192 companies were reviewed across the Japanese (48), Thai (50), Singapore (30) and Hong Kong (64) stock exchanges using information from publicly available sources to determine how many companies are referencing biodiversity, where biodiversity features in materiality assessments and the efforts taken to identify and address biodiversity impacts. The analysis is supplemented by six interviews with sustainability experts in the region, including several conducted by the Thailand Development Research Institute (TDRI), with whom Nature Positive partnered to gain further insight into the region. Interviewees represented a broad range of organisations, including a global conservation partnership, a built and natural asset consultancy, a water services company, a stock exchange, a conglomerate and an oil and gas company. The interviews provided context to the findings of the desk-based research and gave greater insight into the progress made and challenges faced by organisations as they seek to manage their biodiversity impacts.

FIFA 15 [Region Free][ISO]


Leading these efforts is Paul Weintraub, Director of International Business, Superior Essex Communications. Alongside other company representatives, the team hopes to show the region how deploying sustainable technologies actually costs less today and drives greater return on investment for the future.

The region, specifically the Arabian Peninsula is known for its tall, grandiose aesthetically pleasing megaprojects. Dubai alone has more than US$400 billion worth of active and ongoing construction projects. 041b061a72


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