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BOB Eterna Credit Card Review – As per its name, Eterna which means Endless, it allows no-limit benefits on Each Day’s Purchasing and adds value to your day-to-day purchases. it mainly focuses on daily lifestyle purchases. it offers exclusive benefits on Travel, Movies, Dining, fitness & Shopping.

This is a Premium-level Card With reward points issued by the Bank of Baroda. it offers flat 3 Reward Points on each ₹100 or Above Spent for All other Categories.

it comes with all fantastic benefits such as In-built insurance coverage, a 1% fuel surcharge waiver Benefits, Milestone Rewards, a Smart EMI option, And Zero liability on the lost card.

If you want a High-End Card that offers you plenty of Features and Reward Points on Daily Expenses such as Movie Tickets, Gym Workouts, and Premium restaurant dining and you are A travel enthusiast, it could be one of the best premium-type cards for you to choose from. it offers the facility of Unlimited Domestic Airport Lounge Access.

For its Premium Features, it has the first annual fee of ₹ 2499. Also, it has a Membership Fee Waiver Feature, if you spend more than ₹ 25,000 within starting 60 days from its activation to get the First Year Annual Fee Waiver benefit.

What Are The BOB Eterna Credit Card Offers And Benefits

If you want to save on Per Day Lifestyle spending such as Dining, movies, Gym, Online shopping, and traveling, it could a beneficial card for you from Bank of Baroda. it adds a layer of earning cashback as reward points on different categories of purchasing. moreover, it allows the cardholder to access Unlimited Airport Lounge access all over India. when you spend outside of India,

it offers to get 15 reward points on each spending and offers savings on international transactions at a forex markup rate of upto 2%. For protection from untoward Incidents, it offers Personal Accidental Death Cover worth upto 1 crore on any Air Accident and 10 Lakh Personal Accidental Death Cover on Non-Air Incidents.

if your Travelholic, it could be one the good card to choose from. it supports all additional BOB Features Such As

  1. Smart EMI option

  2. Zero liability on lost card

  3. Free Add-on card

  4. Fuel Surcharge Waiver

As I Already Said, it is especially for Lifestyle Spends, it offers Upto 15 Reward Points On Purchasing ₹100 or More On Dining, Online Shopping, While Traveling, And on All Other International Transcations.

On All Offline And Other Categories of Shopping, it offers To Earn 3 Reward Points on Each Spend upto ₹100. which is quite impressive, if you compare other popular premium credit cards.

It has 2499 Annual Charges with Additional GST Taxes. which is good Because it provides the First Year’s Annual Fee Waiver Benefit And Annual Membership Fee Waiver Benefits.


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