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The boombox is the fruiting chamber for your mycelium. The chamber has been designed with a digital gauge to monitor temperature and humidity, and vents to create an ideal fruiting environment.

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The boombox collection was created to make mushroom growing easy and fun for everyone. Our total system simplifies the how-to, hands-on education of growing mycelium and fruiting fungi.

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One of the first and foremost things that you have to have a look at when you buy a boom box online are the functions. Today you can shop for boom boxes online with a variety of functions. Do you want to use your boom box with a CD player, listen to the radio or share songs through Bluetooth? No matter what it is, you can easily buy boom boxes online that is ideal for you with the kind of functions you want.

Today, a USB flash drive has become a very popular medium for sharing, storing and playing songs from. So, if this holds true for you too, you can shop to find a range of boom boxes online that come with USB ports. Philips has a range of such boom boxes that you can have a look at. You can compare the variety of boombox prices online to buy the one that you find suitable for your convenience and budget.

This is especially important if you are a music freak. Yes, even the most stylish boom box with all the right features will fail to impress you if it does not have the right audio features. The kind of formats supported, sound output mode and sound effects are a few things that you may want to have a close look at when you buy boom boxes online.

Now that you know what to look for, all you have to do is shop for boom boxes online to compare the different prices and features before you buy a boom box that suits your needs in the best way. Whether for your home or for outdoor parties, shopping online is sure to help you find the perfect boom box for you.

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